California CLE Requirements

Attorney Requirements

California attorneys must complete 25 credits, including 4 legal ethics, 1 competence issues credit, and 1 elimination of bias credit every 3 years. Attorneys must earn the required MCLE credits by January 31st and report by February 1st for their reporting period. Attorneys are required to report their training to the State Bar every three years according to a schedule determined by the first letter of last names.

Attorneys in California may not carryover CLE credits to the following reporting period.

Newly Admitted Attorneys

Attorneys admitted after Feb. 1, 2018 are under a new State Bar requirement to complete 10 hours of training under the New Attorney Training Program. The training must be completed within the first year of an attorney's admission.

New attorneys have one year from the last day of the month in which they were admitted to complete the training.

Online Courses

Attorneys in California may receive credit for attending CLE courses that have been approved by the California State Bar, including online videos or webinars.


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