Utah CLE Requirements

Attorney Requirements

Utah attorneys are required to complete 24 hours of CLE every 2 years. At least 2 hours must be in the area of Ethics, and 1 hour must be in the area of Professionalism. Attorneys must earn the required MCLE credits by June 30th and report by July 31st each year.

Attorneys may not carry over credits to the following reporting period.

Newly Admitted Attorneys

Within their first two-year reporting period, newly admitted Utah attorneys must complete the New Lawyer Training Program (12 credit hours) and the New Lawyer Ethics Program (3 credit hours in Ethics and Professionalism) . New attorneys must also complete an additional 12 hours of CLE credit in their first reporting period.

Online Courses

Utah attorneys must earn at least 12 hours of CLE credit from live events, including live webinars. Attorneys may earn up to 12 CLE credits through online on demand courses.


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About Our CLE Requirements Guide

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